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Crafting Magick With Pen and Ink

Bat's Blood Ink.
For writing out spells and inscribing on talismans. Typically, Bats Blood is for spellwork directed toward discord, tension & havoc.
1 fl. oz.        $4.95

Dove's Blood Ink.
For writing out spells and inscribing on talismans. Typically, Doves Blood is used for love spells.
1 fl. oz.        $4.95

Dragon's Blood Ink.
For writing out spells and inscribing on talismans. Typically, Dragons Blood is for power & spell strength.
1 fl. oz.        $4.95

Deer Blood Ink.
Deer Blood is used to empower your written spellwork. This is not real blood rather its a red tinted ceremonial ink with made with magickal ingredients.
1 fl. oz.        $4.95

Money Green Ink.
Espiritu Money Green ink is a potent magical ink for inscribing spells, prosperity, words of powers, and signs to empower your ritual craft.
1 fl. oz.        $4.95

Black Ink.
Espiritu’s Black ink is intended as a potent magical ink to be used in inscribing spells, words of power, and signs to empower your ritual craft.
1 fl. oz.        $4.95

Grey Goose Feather
These feathers are colored in the natural gray and white tones in which they are found. Short, with sturdy stems, they make fantastic dip pens, and can be of great use within your written magic and rituals. Though they vary in size, these feathers average around 5 1/2" in length.

Guinea Hen Wing Feather
These delicate feathers are marked with a white, checkered pattern upon a brown backdrop. Averaging approx. 6" in length, they are great for detailed writing when used as a dip pen, and perfect for use in jewelry or decoration.

Bronze Turkey Tail Feather
Whether you`re using it for smudging, sharpening it to use as a quill pen, or otherwise using it in your rituals, spells and ceremonies, this turkey feather is the tool for the job. Though each varies in length, they typically measure over 12" long and are marked in shades of black, brown and bronze.

Turkey Pre-Tail Feather
Smaller than the tail-feather of the turkey, this feather offers a more detailed, striped pattern and is more compact. This makes it a great option when you do not have the space to store large quill pens. While they vary in length, they average around 8" in length.

Barred Wing Feather
Striped in white and brown colors of woodland fowl. Sharpen the quill and these genuine feathers make the perfect writing utensil for your spells involving ink and parchment. As these are a product of nature, they come in various lengths.

Ritual Feathers.
Choice of Red, Pink, White, Purple, Green, Black, Yellow. Approx. 10" long. Colors are important to every magical system.
Commonly used as a quill for writing spells on our parchment paper with one of our inks, the color choosen enhances your spell.
$1.49 each
Dip Pen.

The dip pen is excellent for helping you add extra power and focus to your creative energies during the ritual creation of your seals, runes, and other such spells and magick created with pen, ink and parchment. You`ll also find that it lends a certain elegance to your writing, making it great for penning your Book of Shadows as well.
Dip Pen.

Made from a porcupine quill, this dip pen is the perfect tool for your rituals and spells involving ink and parchment.
Ritual Parchment Paper.
8 1/2" X 11". Perfect for spell writing. 5 sheets.
Sheep Skin Parchment Paper.

This is a 2" by 2" square sheet of genuine sheep skin parchment paper. Pressed flat from the skin of sheep, it has been used for ages in occult workings and writings, making it perfect for painting and drawing your magical and occult seals and signs as well as any other such work that you might require.

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