Within each patient there resides a
doctor, and we as physicians are
at our best when we put
our patients in touch with the
doctors inside themselves.

Albert Schweitzer
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Hyland's Homeopathics & Cell Salts

Homeopathic remedies work by helping the body's natural defense system to help itself.

Homeopathy is flexible, safe and gentle so it can be used for self treatment.

Homeopathy allows you to return to nature's way to heal the body: by helping it heal itself.

Vintage Humphreys Homeopathic Preparations
#22 is for Earache.
#13 is for Spasmodic Croup.
#27 is for Disorders of Urinary Tract.
circa. late 1800's
Sublingual Tablets
Over a hundred years later the packaging is different, but the tablets inside are from the same principles & formulations put forth by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.

Tablets are placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve there.

A homeopathic remedy is made from a plant, animal, or mineral substance that is dissolved in a water
and alcohol solution and then diluted. 30X (a dilution of 1 part mother tincture to 10 parts water and alcohol,
repeated 30 times) is one of the most common potencies.

Stocked Homeopathic Sublingual Tablets
250 - 30X Tablets per Bottle
Dosage instructions are included.

Listed below are the most common uses for that particular homeopathic.

•Allium cepa
Runny Nose
•Apis mellifica
Bites, stings & swellings
•Arnica montana
Bruising & muscle soreness
Fevers and inflammation
•Calcarea phosphorica
Bladder irritation
•Carbo vegetabilis
Nausea & heartburn
Teething & irritability, toothache
•Ferrum phosphoricum
Fevers & inflammation
•Gelsemium sempervirens
Headache & flu
•Hepar sulphuris calcareum
Cough & runny nose
•Hypericum perfoliatum
Nerve injury
•Ignatia amara
Grief & emotional upset
•Ledum palustre
Bites & stings
•Magnesia phosphorica
Menstrual cramps
•Mercurius vivus
Sore throat
•Nux vomica
Indigestion & nausea
Cough & sore throat
•Pulsatilla nigricans
Colds with runny nose
•Rhus toxicodendron
Arthritis pain
•Veratrum album
Diarrhea with or without vomiting

Hyland's Homeopathic Formulas

Hyland's cares for your family at every stage of life. You can trust all Hyland's products to be natural, gentle, effective,
and safe for your family. Hyland's develops homeopathic formulas with the highest quality natural ingredients
following the strictest standards for preparation. With a century of commitment to homeopathy, Hyland's tradition of excellence
consistently provides quality and integrity in every homeopathic product.

Stocked Homeopathic Formulas
Arthritis Pain Formula 100 Tablets

Hyland's Arthritis Pain Formula is a traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of pain in joints associated with minor arthritis symptoms. Also indicated for minor muscular pain associated with over-exertion, especially in back and neck.
Backache with Arnica

Backache with Arnica is a traditional formula for the relief of pain in the lower back pain due to strain, overexertion, cold or exposure.
Contains Arnica Montana, which is the most commonly used homeopathic medicine for the relief of muscular pain.
Calms Forte 50 Tablets

Natural, non-habit forming homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness and nervous tension. No drug hangover, no sedatives, just nature's answer to a good night's sleep.
Hayfever  100 Tablets

A traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of sneezing, runny and irritated eyes and runny nose due to seasonal allergies or hayfever.
Headache 100 Tablets

A traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of head pain due to stress and sick or nervous headache. Pain may be either right or left sided and may extend to the base of the neck.
Hemorrhoids 100 Tablets

A traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of itching and burning pains due to hemorrhoids.
Hives 100 Tablets

A traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of red, swollen and itching rashes that appear with sudden onset.
Stimulates your body's natural healing response to relieve symptoms.
Leg Cramps 100 Tablets

A traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of cramps and pains in lower back and legs. It can be especially useful if symptoms are made worse by damp weather. This formula has been used for years to treat nighttime leg muscle cramps.
Leg Cramps PM  50 Tablets

Leg Cramps PM relieves pain and cramps in lower body, legs, feet and toes with accompanying nighttime sleeplessness. Leg Cramps PM provides effective pain relief that helps you fall asleep and get back to sleep at night.
Non-habit forming, Free of adverse side-effects or drug contraindications.
Nerve Tonic 100 Tablets

A traditional homeopathic formula for the temporary symptomatic relief of simple nervous tension and stress.
Poison Ivy/Oak 50 Tablets

Traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms (red rash, burning, itching, watery blisters) after contact with poison ivy or oak.
Prid Drawing Salve 18 Grams     $9.95

A traditional drawing salve, Prid is an all natural approach to healing boils, blisters, and for helping raise splinters, thorns, and ingrown hairs out form under the skin. For over 50 years, Prid has been an important tool in the work bench and family medicine chest.
Sore Throat 100 Tablets

A traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of dry, sore, irritated throat due to colds, smog or dry weather.

Hyland's Cell Salts

Doctor W. H. Schuessler, a 19th Century chemist, doctor and physicist identified 12 "tissue salts" in every human cell.
These tissue salts or "cell salts" are vital mineral constituents of the body.
By combining with organic substances in the body they produce and maintain the health of the human tissue cells.
Deficiency or imbalances of these "cell salts" could result in illness.
Dr. Schuessler utilized homeopathic doses of minerals in order to penetrate and fortify living cells with vital nutritional elements.
Because they are prepared homeopathically they are perfectly safe at any dosage,
yet can often restore an imbalance faster and often more effectively than a supplement.

Stocked Homeopathic Cell Salts
500 - 6X Tablets
Calcarea fluorica
For colds, hemorrhoids & chapped skin.
Calcarea phosphorica
Teething & sore throat.
Calcarea sulphurica
For colds, sore throat & acne.
Ferrum phosphorica
For inflammation, fever, & colds.
Kali muriaticum
For colds, sore throat, runny nose & burns..
Kali phosphoricum
For stress, simple nervous tension & headaches.
Kali sulphurica
For colds & skin eruptions.
Magnesia phosphorica
For muscle cramps and pain.
Natrum muriaticum
For water retention, headache, & indigestion
Natrum phosphorica
Indigestion, gas & joint pain.
Natrum sulphuricum
For flu, nausea & vomiting.
For hair, skin & nail health.

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