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Postmarked 1907
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Winexpert Wine Kits, Wine Yeast, Cleansers & Additives

"State of the Art" Wine Kits

Using "state of the art" aseptic, nitrogen purged packaging methods, premium wine concentrates are balanced and blended with invert sugar; therefore, no acid titration is required.

All necessary ingredients are supplied. In our opinion, this is the only way to make consistent, top quality grape wines at home.

Winexpert Vintners Reserve Wine Kits

Easy to make and easy to enjoy, Vintners Reserve is the industry's first 28-day winemaking kit, contains 100% pure varietal grape juice and concentrate. This 10 litre wine kit continues to set the standard in its category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma. Vintners Reserve offers a wide range of varieties that allows the winemaker to experience numerous styles and tastes.
 All of the acids, ph, sugars, and tannin levels are perfectly balanced, yielding wines of great character, with superior color, flavor and aroma.

Special Order

Winexpert Vintners Reserve World Vineyard Collection

Wines from Australia, California, South America and Europe are represented in the Vintners Reserve World Vineyard Collection. These wines are perfect if you enjoy versatile wines which don't require extended aging but still offer distinct flavours from some of the great wine regions in the world.
These 10 liter wine kits produce high quality wines that you can enjoy within one month after bottling.

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Winexpert Island Mist Fruit Flavored Wine Kit

Island Mist is a unique and appealing new beverage from Winexpert  that will change the way you drink wine! We've added a splash of natural fruit flavours to selected premium varietal wines for a light alcohol beverage that is a delightful alternative to table wines.
Island Mistcombines the crisp freshness of varietal table wines with the luscious flavours of natural fruit for a thirst-quenching, delicious drink that's unlike anything else you've ever tasted!
Ready to bottle in 4 weeks
These 7.5 liter wine kits makes 6 gallons which equals 30 - 750 ml bottles.  

Special Order

Before True Wine Yeast Was Readily Available to Wine Makers, This is the Yeast Most Commonly Used - Bread Yeast.
Its Flavor Profile and Alcohol Tolerance is Not as Good as True Wine Yeast, But it Did A Good Job On Turning Fruits and Grapes into Wine.

Vintage Red Star Metal Can. Circa; Early to middle 1900's.

Wine Yeast
Red Star Wine Yeast          $1.50 each

(Formerly Montrachet)

All purpose. For producing full bodied red & white wines.

Premier Blanc

For producing white wines, fruit juices and ciders. Use for strawberry, peach, apricot and persimmon. Not commonly used for sparkling wines.

Premier Cuvee'

For producing red wines, white wines and champagne & to restart stuck fermentations.

Premier Rouge

Encourages development of varietal fruit flavors, balanced by complex aromas. Good for all grapes and red fruits.
Packaged in a foil packet. Enough for 5 to 6 gallon batches of wine.
Yeast Choices

Lalvin Wine Yeast          $1.75 each

BM 4X4
( 15% alcohol tolerance)

All purpose. Lalvin BM 45 - known and appreciated around the world for contributing to round mouth feel and stable color - with the capability to consistently complete fermentations in diverse and difficult conditions.

(15% alcohol tolerance)

For producing superior quality white wines. Ideal for dry & fruity white wines.
Also ideal for honey (mead) wines.

(18% alcohol tolerance)

For producing all white wines, sparkling wines, ciders & to restart stuck fermentations.
Packaged in a foil packet. Enough for 5 to 6 gallon batches of wine.
Yeast Choices

Wine Making Additives / Cleansers and Sanitizers

Acid Blend
A blend of tartaric, malic and citric acids.

Sizes Available

American Oak Chips
Light toast.
4 oz.     $1.95

Anti-Oxidant / Ascorbic Acid
Used at bottling time to prevent oxidation.
1 oz.     $3.95

Used for clearing hazes from wine.

Sizes Available

Calcium Carbonate
Used in beer and wine making to reduce acidity.
2 oz.     $1.95

Citric Acid

Sizes Available

Diammonium Phosphate
Used to increase yeast production and growth. Works well in a yeast starter to increase activity and yeast reproduction. Diammonium Phosphate also works well with white wines and meads, which are typically lacking in natural nutrients.
2 oz.     $2.95

Dualfine Clearing Aid.     $3.95
Use as a dual stage clearing aid for beer, wine and spirits. Contains Chitosan and Kieselsol.

French Oak Chips
Medium toast, roasted between
350 and 375 degrees F.
4 oz.     $3.95

Gelatin Finings
Used in beer and wine making for clearing.
1 oz.     $2.95

Vegetable Glycerine
Finishing formula, to smooth out and mellow wine and liqueurs.
Quantities Available

Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) is used as a water treatment;
especially useful for soft water.
2 oz.     $2.95

Malic Acid
2 oz.     $2.95

Pectic Enzyme
Increases juice yield and prevents pectin haze.

Sizes Available

Potassium Bicarbonate

Used to reduce acid. Clumpiness is normal for this item.
2 oz.     $2.95

Potassium Sorbate
Stabilizer - Used to prevent re-fermentation when sweeting wine.

Sizes Available

Potassium Campden
Contains potassium metabisulphite and is a convenient way to accurately sulphite wine.
2 oz. (Approx. 100 tablets)     $3.95

Potassium Metabisulfite
Used as a sanitizer, antioxident and bactericide.
2 oz.     $3.95

Sodium Campden Tablets
Contains sodium metabisulfite and is a convenient way to accurately sulphite wine. Releases sulphur dioxide, which acts as a sterilant and antioxidant.
2 oz. (Approx. 100 tablets)     $3.95

Sodium Metabisulfite
Used as a sanitizer, antioxidant and bactericide.

Sizes Available

Wine Finings for clearing wines.
1 oz.     $3.95

Tartaric Acid
2 oz.     $3.95

Wine Conditioner
Sweetener with stabilizer.
17 oz. (500 ml)     $8.95

Wine Tannin
Balances low tannin wines.

Sizes Available

Yeast Nutrient
Yeast nutrient increases the rate of yeast metabolism, which results in faster fermentation and greater yeast viability.
Yeast nutrient can also be helpful when brewing high gravity beers.

Sizes Available

Yeast Energizer
Stimulates fermentation - a nutrient booster.

Sizes Available

Beer and Wine Making Cleansers and Sanitizers

Easy Clean

A no-rinse oxygen based compound for cleaning beer and winemaking equipment. Great for removing labels.

Sizes Available


Low foaming iodophor sanitizer. Easy to use in a measurable squeeze bottle. Economical dilution ration, self-indicating, controls water hardness, effective against most mold and yeast.
4 oz.      $5.95

16 oz.      $16.95 (Store pickup only)
32 oz.      $24.95 (Store pickup only)

One Step

Oxygen based with a favorable cleaning power. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. No rinsing required.

8 oz.     $6.95

The only patented non-caustic cleaner designed to clean stainless steel and safe for use on glass, copper, plastic, brass and ceramic equipment. Environmentally friendly and safe to handle.

16 oz.     $12.95

Star San
A foaming acid anionic sanitizer that penetrates hard-to-see places. No rinse. Does not stain and will not impart odors or off flavors.
4 oz.      $7.95

8 oz.      $13.95 (Store pickup only)
32 oz.      $29.95 (Store pickup only)

Straight A

Cleans with oxygen and does not contain any chlorine, bisulphites, organic compounds or phosphates. Superior wetting power helps water penetrate and lift soils off surfaces. Removes labels with minimum soak time. Higher alkalinity dissolves and neutralizes acidic soils. Environmentally sound and biodegradable.
8 oz.     $7.95

Vintage Postcard of Bridge Across Wabash River Between West Terre Haute, Indiana
and Terre Haute, Indiana. This is the Second Bridge Built at the Same Location and
 I Have Driven Across it Hundreds of Times.The First Bridge Was Wooden. This One Was Steel.
It Became Unsafe Due to Age and the Elements. It Was Demolished and a New Cement Bridge Was Built in The Same Area.

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