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Norse God and Goddess Statues

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Cold Cast Bronze
Young Artemis
Sweetly, gently, she soothes a fawn. Special protector of children, animals, and all innocents. 3 3/4" x 7" cold cast bronze.

The chief Norse god and ruler of Asgard, Odin is depicted here in this fantastic bust. Known as a patron of wisdom, war, poetry, magic and the hunt, he is displayed here as he is often portrayed; a one-eyed god of aged wisdom and valor. Head and shoulders are shown here, with his cloak swept back over the shoulders and concealing the plates of his armor. From beneath his horned helm, his beard and hair flow out, braided in the Norse fashion to rest upon his chest, but not concealing the firm set of his jaw and the stern line of his eyes, one of which is covered with a patch. All of this is displayed with fantastic detail, with wonderful attention paid to the ornamentation displayed upon his helm and patch. Great for the altar or home, this bust stands approximately 11 1/2" tall and 9" wide and is sculpted of cold-cast resin, providing a vivid presence for the Norse chief of Gods where ever you wish to put it.
Thor with Mjolnir
In brilliant sculpture we find a mighty image of the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Richly detailed, the fearsome deity is depicted as a muscled warrior, scarred and muscled from years of swinging his magical hammer, Mjolnir, which was said to return to him after being thrown and to possess the power to hurl lightning. It was also his favored weapon in the many tales where he is said to have fought giants. Known as the frequent protector of the gods and humanity, he is also girded with his magical belt, Megingjord and the iron bracers, Jarngreipr, which allowed him which magically increased his strength, allowing him to heft his mighty hammer in battle against the Giants. Indeed, he may well be shown waging his battle against them here, as he seems poised to strike with every muscle taut and Mjolnir raised high above his head, to throw at his enemies before it would magically return to his hand, allowing him to continue the fight. This vivid statue possesses a heavy weight, and is crafted expertly of cold cast resin before being painted so as to possess the same luster and color of sculpted bronze, making it a fantastic piece for desks, bookshelves, altars or any other place around the home or office that you might wish to display the glory of Thor. This statue measures approximately 10 1/2" high and 5 1/2" wide.
Thor's Hammer Wall Hanging
A finely detailed Thor Hammer wall mount, detailed with turquoise blue base colors, entwined with a beautifully detailed gold armor. Thor's mighty hammer commanding the primal energy of the storm. Quality poly-resin giftware designed by Alchemy Studios, England. The Vault original and official. 8"x6" sizes may vary.
This bust is a proud and fierce representation of Loli, Norse God of Mischief. Cold Cast Resin. 11" x 7" x 4"
Fully capturing this fierce aspect of, this cold cast resin bust presents the head and shoulders of Thor, with a single arm rising up to cross his chest, its hand gripping the fabled hammer Mjolnir. Stands approx. 14" tall.
Skadi, Norse Mythology Cold Cast Resin Bronze Size: 6 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 9 3/4".
Lord of widsom, death and magic. Odin sacrificed an eye to obtain wisdom, hanged himself for nine days to learn the magical use of runes and suffered death in the underworld. This image shows him wise-bearded and one-eyed. His stalwart stance reminds us to be strong and seek wisdom. 8 1/4" gypsumstone statue, black gold color finish
Thor controlled weather during the brief growing season, hence he was the most important of the Norse gods. He holds his hammer Mjollnir, which created lightning and thunder. Originally a bull-god, Thor gave his name to Thursday. May his vitality make you strong! 7" gypsumstone statue, black gold color finish.
Powerful. Wise. Beautiful. Goddess of love, yes, but also so much more. No demure and bashful Aphrodite rising from the foam, Freya is power and mystery in Goddess form. In every aspect of life or death Freya is there. Freya is the sister of Freyr, daughter of sea god Njord. In her sacred sex goddess role she was closely involved in love, courtship and marriage rituals, while the procession of her statue by wagon from place to place was credited with the gift of prophecy, sexual potency and easing childbirth. Her fertility aspect was emphasized by various legends of promiscuity in Icelandic Sagas, especially with Loki. A duty shared with Odin was sovereignty over death, with the fallen heroes being divided between them. 6" x 6 1/2" resin plaque, red gray color finish.
Giver of victory, brave and just. He was Odin's second son, the bravest of the gods. Our Tuesday is named for Tyr, who fought only wars of justice. He sacrificed a hand defeating and chaining Fenrir, the great Wolf of Chaos, when he threatened Asgaard. 7 1/4" gypsumstone statue, antique bronze color finish.
Freya on a Boar
Strength. Power. Wealth. This Norse Goddess sometimes rode upon the boar, Hildisvini, probably a metaphorical image of sacred sexuality designed to bring crop fertility. 5 1/2" gypsumstone statue, blue verdigris color finish.

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