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Albert Einstein
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Herb Pharm Herb Extracts / Tinctures

Liquid Herbal Extracts. Your most effective herbal solution!!
After 30-plus years of manufacturing quality herbal medicines, Herb Pharm continues to produce primarily liquid herbal extracts.

Your Body Absorbs Liquids Better
One of the primary benefits of using liquid herbal extracts is that they do not require digestion.
You don't need to extract what is medicinal from the plant cellulose before it can be absorbed. This has already been done for you.
As you would expect, liquid herbal extracts are of particular benefit to those individuals who possess impaired digestive function.
In many situations where digestion is not optimally functioning, it simply makes little sense to give a medicine in any form, other than liquid.

What is the purpose of alcohol in liquid herbal extracts?
Grain alcohol is the best food-grade solvent for extracting and preserving many of the naturally
occurring herb constituents that are poorly soluble in water.
The food-grade grain alcohol used to prepare liquid extracts serves three specific functions.
First, alcohol is the only edible solvent that will extract and preserve many of the naturally occurring herb constituents
that are poorly soluble in water, such as essential oils, resins, balsams and many alkaloids.
 Second, alcohol is an excellent natural preservative, which maximizes the shelf life of the extracts.
Third, alcohol is a great carrying agent, which facilitates the absorption of the herb's constituents into the bloodstream.

How much alcohol is in liquid herbal extracts and how much alcohol am I really consuming?
The amount of alcohol in individual liquid extracts can vary from 20% to 90% depending on the herb
being extracted and its content of alcohol and water-soluble constituents.
The amount of alcohol you consume in a dose of liquid extract is actually very small.
For example, taking 30 drops of Echinacea liquid extract (alcohol content of 45% to 50%)
amounts to consuming 1/65th of a can of beer or 1/85th of an 8-ounce glass of wine.
Also, if you mix those 30 drops of Echinacea liquid extract into 2 ounces of water, that mixture would contain only 0.59% alcohol.

Stocked Tinctures
Unless noted otherwise - All Herb Pharm Extracts are 1 oz., come with a eye dropper and are alcohol based.
•Anise Seed
•Black Cohosh
•Black Haw
•Black Walnut
•Butcher's Broom
•Immune Calendula
•California Poppy
•Cat's Claw
•Chaste Tree
•Corn Silk
•Devil's Claw
•Devil's Club
•Dong Quai
•Echinacea (Alcohol Free)
•Green Tea
•Holy Basil
•Horse Chestnut
•Jamacian Dogwood
•Kava Kava
•Lemon Balm
•Milk Thistle
•Oat Seed
•Olive Leaf
•Oregano Spirits
•Oregon Grape Root
•Passion Flower
•Pau d' Arco
•Peppermint Spirits
•Pleurisy Root
•Prickley Ash
•Red Clover
•Red Raspberry
•Red Root
•Shepherd's Purse
•St. John's Wort
•Stinging Nettle
•Uva Ursi
•White Oak
•Wild Cherry
•Willow Bark
•Yellow Dock
•Yerba Mansa
•Yerba Santa

Herb Pharm Herbal Extract Compounds, Tonics & Blends

Compound herbal extracts are blends of complementary herbs, each chosen for its specific health-supporting properties.
1 oz. with eye dropper unless noted otherwise. Alcohol-Based.
•Adrenal Support
•Anxiety Soother
•Better Bitters (Spray)
•Brain & Memory
•Calm Breath
•Dermal Health
•Fungus Fighter
•Golden Echinacea
with Goldenseal
•Immune Season (Spray)
•Joint Flexibility
•Liver Health
•Nervous System Tonic
•Not Now Nausea (Spray)
•Oral Health Tonic
•Pollen Defense
•Relaxing Sleep
•Smoker's Replacement Stress Manager
•Virattack Compound

Vintage Postcard of birthplace of
Paul Dresser,
composer of Indiana's State song
 "On The Banks of the Wabash."

Moved from it's original address of
318 N 2nd St. to Fairbanks Park,
1st & Farrington St.,
Terre Haute, Indiana  in 1963.
 Vintage Label

Dr. Lynas
Essence of Jamaica Ginger
Dyspesia, Cholera, Morbus, Nausea, Flatulent Colic,
Enfeebled State of Alimentary Canal, Summer Complaint, Etc. Etc.
Prepared by J. B. Lynas & Son
Logansport, Ind.
ca. Late 1800's

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