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Beer Making Additives / Chemicals

Anti-Oxidant / Ascorbic Acid

Used at bottling time to prevent oxidation.

1 oz.           $3.95
Burton Water Salts
A blend of natural minerals that create ideal brewing water and papain, a natural occurring fruit derivative that helps to prevent chill haze.

2 oz.          $3.29
Calcium Carbonate
Used in beer and wine making to reduce acidity

2 oz.          $2.95
Calcium Chloride
Used in beer making to lower pH.

2 oz.          $2.95
Gelatin Finings
Used in beer and wine making for clearing.

1 oz.          $3.95
Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) is used as a water treatment;
especially useful for soft water.

2 oz.          $2.95
Irish Moss

Irish Moss is added during the final 15 minutes of the boil to aid in settling out the coagulated proteins that cause cloudy beer.

1 oz.          $2.95

Lactose is unfermentable by beer yeast, so it adds sweetness,
body, and calories to the finished beer.

1 lb.          $5.95

Maltodextrin is used to increase the specific gravity of the final beer product. This improves the mouthfeel and smoothness of beer. Maltodextrin is not fermented by the yeast and has no flavor.
Sizes Available
8 oz. $2.95
1 lb. $4.95
Yeast Nutrient

Yeast nutrient increases the rate of yeast metabolism, which results in faster fermentation and greater yeast viability.
Yeast nutrient can also be helpful when brewing high gravity beer.
Sizes Available
2 oz. $2.95
8 oz. $6.95
16 oz. $11.95

Oak Chips & Essence
American Oak Chips

Imparts oak flavor to beer.

4 oz.          $1.95
French Oak Chips Medium Toast

Imparts oak flavor to beer.

4 oz.          $3.95
Oak Essence

Imparts oak flavor to beer.

4 fl. oz.          $5.95

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