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Yerba Mate Tea, a herbal tea from South America, is drank from a gourd called Mate and a straw called Bombilla.
The taste is very distinct for those who like more organic flavors.

This hollowed out gourd is the traditional vessel used for the preparation and drinking of Mate'.
Yerba Mate Gourds and Bombillas

Yerba Maté has more antioxidants than green tea for fending off free radicals. It offers calm energy from caffeine, theobromine (the euphoric stimulant in dark chocolate) and theophylline (the soothing stimulant in tea), which provide a sustained boost without a crash.
Yerba Mate' is an amazingly healthy herb, sought after for its difficult to find nutrients: Vitamins B-1, B-2, riboflavin, carotene, colin, pantothenic acid, inositol and 15 amino acids. It also contains significant quantities of the all important iron, potassium and magnesium minerals, something green tea lacks.
Some of the stated benefits of Yerba Mate' are:
Increased mental focus, increased energy, reduces hunger cravings, relaxes muscles, relieves allergies, improves your mood, burns more calories, improves sleep, benefits the digestive tract, boosts the immune system, is a good detoxifier, may reduce some health risks of diabetes and hypoglycemia, possibly reduces some heart problems, a stroke and some cancers.

Recent studies from the U.S. indicate that polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that strengthen the organism´s natural defenses, and protect it against the cellular destruction that cause physical deterioration and the development of sicknesses.(J. Carper 1988).
Yerba Mate' is loaded with polyphenols!

Yerba Mate Tea Teabags and Loose
Yerba Mate
2 oz. Loose

Yerba Mate
20 teabags C/O

Yerba Mate
2 oz. Loose C/O & K

Yerba Mate (Roasted)
2 oz. Loose C/O & K

Yerba Mate' Gourds

Natural Gourds
Natural gourds are very strong, least likely to crack from dryness,
easy to clean, and gives best flavor to the yerba mate.
Like any plant, each gourd is unique and can vary in size, shape and color.
Handcrafted, so variations in design are possible.
YMG 705 Short
Metal Rim
YMG 705 Plain Tall
Metal Rim
YMG 706
Metal Rim and Metal Base
YMG 720
Fancy Metal Rim
YMG 722
Fancy Metal Rim
YMG 739
Yerba Mate Gourd Selection

Alpaca Silver Gourds
YMG 751
Alpaca Gourd with diamonds and flowers on rim and base mounted on long ornate legs.
Rim, base and legs are German silver.
YMG 752
Alpaca Gourd with diamonds and waves on rim and base mounted on short ornate legs.
Rim, base and legs are German silver.
YMG 753
Alpaca Gourd with diamonds and waves on rim and base mounted on long ornate legs.
Rim, base and legs are German silver.
YMG 754
Alpaca Gourd with smooth rim and base mounted on long ornate legs.
Rim, base and legs are German silver.
Alpaca Mate Gourd Selection
Natural Gourd Curing Instructions*

Pour some yerba mate' into the gourd. Fill the gourd to the top with water. Let the gourd sit filled with water and yerba mate' for a day or two. Then discard the water and yerba mate. Clean the inside of the gourd with boiling water only. Dry the gourd in a window or other warm and dry area. When dry, it is ready for use.

*It is not necessary to cure a gourd as natural gourds will cure naturally with use.
The benefit of curing the gourd is improved taste of the yerba mate' and improved durability of the gourd.
Wood Yerba Mate Gourds
Cylinder Carob Wood Yerba Mate Gourd

This cylinder style wood yerba mate gourd is deep and narrow. Generally holds 3 to 4oz. Gourd volume is measured by the amount of yerba mate that fits in the gourd while still leaving enough room to add water. Small size great for personal use. Like any handmade item, each gourd is unique and will vary slightly in size and shape. Item's true color may vary slightly from photo. Handmade in Argentina.


How To Prepare Yerba Mate' In Your Gourd (The Simple Method)
1. Pour some yerba mate' into your cured gourd.
2. Pour warm water onto part of the yerba mate'.
3. Relax as the yerba mate' awakens.
4. Put straw (bombilla) into the yerba mate.
5. Pour in hot water and drink.

How To Prepare Yerba Mate' In Your Gourd (The Detailed Method)

1. Fill cured gourd between a little more than half full to 2/3rds full of yerba mate'.
Tilt the gourd until yerba mate' are angled along one side of the gourd from the bottom of the gourd to nearly its top.
2. Before inserting the bombilla, pour slightly hot water onto the base of the yerba mate'.
Wait until the water is absorbed into the yerba mate'.
The water will soak into the tea and allow it to become moist, preparing it for drinking.
3.Insert the filter end of the bombilla at an angle into the deepest part of the yerba mate'.
The bombilla may be used to pack the yerba mate' along the side of the gourd if any tea has fallen.
4. Pour hot but not boiling water onto the base of the yerba mate', then drink.
Try to wet as little of the yerba mate' as possible near the top when filling the gourd with water.
(Water temperature is a personal choice. Please be careful, drinking any beverage with very hot water may cause injury.)
5. Enjoy!

A bombilla straw is a type of filtering straw used to properly drink Yerba Maté tea from a gourd, as is traditionally done throughout South America. The bombilla acts as both a straw and a sieve, and is made to both filter sediment and to drink Yerba Maté tea. Of course, whether you drink your Yerba Maté from a gourd or some other vessel, this handy tool makes it far more enjoyable!

Bamboo Bombilla
The traditional bamboo bombilla.
(No strainer)


Spring End Curved Bombilla
Stainless steel curved straw with spring end. The spring end straws are the only style of straw that work easily with all types of yerba mate, great for beginners!


Wisdom Bombilla
Stainless Strainer Straw For Loose Tea


Herbs & Heirlooms Bombilla
Stainless Strainer Straw For Loose Tea


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