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Greek and Roman God & Goddess Statues

The Greek and Roman Goddess of Herbs and Heirlooms
Goddess of Orchards and Vineyards

She brings growth and abundance to crops and fields, harvest and fruition through hard work. Her name means "apple." Pomona's passion is for cultivated countryside. A Goddess of comfort and plenty, she symbolizes autumn harvest. Apples everywhere are associated with goddess worship. An apple cut sideways reveals a Roman star of knowledge. Her name comes from the Latin for apple, pomum. Roman banquets went "from eggs to apples," as a final invocation of Pomona's good will.

"I am the ancient Apple-Queen
As once I was, so am I now.
Fore evermore a hope unseen,
Betwixt the blossom and the bough.
Ah, where's the river's hidden Gold!
And where the windy grave of Troy?
Yet come I as I came of old,
From out thd heart of Summer's joy."
-- Pomona by William Morris

6 1/4" resin statue, alabaster color finish.

Is the queen and sister to Zeus, making her one of the more prominent Goddesses of the entire Greek Pantheon, often appearing within Greek Legends and myths. Known primarily as a goddess of women and marriage, she was known frequently to lash out at her adulterous husband, and was quite jealous and vengeful. She was also quite known for taking vengeance on the slights of mortals who offended her. Hera is also one of the eldest Gods of the Greek pantheon, appearing in Homeric legend as the eldest of Cronus`s daughters, and she is even believed to predate most Greek folklore, appearing to have been an adaptation of a more primal, Minoan mother Goddess. Her motherly protection and womanly wrath are thusly well founded in history, marking her as one of the most ancient Goddess of hearth, family, and women. This statue, crafted of cold cast resin and hand painted so as to appear to be bronze, has been carefully detailed to portray Hera with these traits. With an almost youthful demeanor, her motherly wisdom is portrayed in the lines of her face, while her body portrays sinewy vigor and self-assured authority. Wrapped in gossamer robes, she seems to be striding beside the beautifully plumed peacock, which is one of her chief symbols from the legends of ancient Greece. Perfect for your altar, or as a decoration in your home, the entire statue measures approximately 9 1/2" tall and 7" wide.

Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. The statue measures approximately 13 1/4" tall and 5" wide. Antique bronze finish resin.

Hecate both Goddess and Titan inspires and enthralls people around the world. When you are at the cross roads she can light your way. Statue is detailed highlighted with metal bronze finish heavier robust version. Hand Cold Cast Bronze 6" x 6" x 11 1/4"

Hecate both Goddess and Titan inspires and enthralls people around the world. When you are at the cross roads she can light your way. Statue is detailed highlighted bone-cream color. Hand Painted Resin 6" x 6" x 11 1/4"

This beautiful statue portrays Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, as though she were sculpted of bronze, armored as a hoplite warrior with the owl of wisdom landing upon her shoulder. 12"

Moon Diana
Goddess of the hunt, the moon, hunting, a warrior in her own right and virgin goddess of childbirth and women Diana is often considered the ideal form of strong and independent femininity. Diana is beautifully sculpted here with a full grown stag, sword and hunting spear. The overall bronze appearance is broken by selectively picked out details adding bits of magical majesty to this wonderful piece. Cold Cast Resin. 10 1/4" X 7" X 5"

Venus of Willendorf
This replica of Venus of Willendorf statue measures around 4 3/4" inches and stands on a round black base. Cold Cast Resin, hand painted.

The great messenger of Greek mythology, is a god who is spoken of in a great many legends and myths. Known for the winged sandals that helped him fly, and swiftly carry the messenges of the Gods, Hermes is the god of travelers, those who cross boundaries, as well as shepherds and herdsmen. His cunning and wit also left him viewed as a patron of those who made a living with their charisma and words, even as his trickery left him a patron of thieves and liars. Here he is depicted in a cold-cast resin statue, sculpted with exquisite attention to every detail and hand painted so as to appear to be crafted of bronze. With his winged sandals leaving up a cloud of dust as he flies, and his short robe billowing about his waist, he appears intent upon his travels as he gazes down upon the mortals below; perhaps on some mission of urgency to the Gods of Olympus. Measuring in at approximately 9 1/4" high, 7 1/2" wide, and 4 1/2" deep, this statue will easily fit upon most altars for your veneration and can be set upon your shelf or desk to decorate your home.

Ruler of Lightning, Gods, and Men. All Powerful. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was his 40 foot tall colossus which presided over the Olympic Games. The Roman Jupiter is the Latin variant of this Aryan Sky Deity. From Numinous agricultural weather god beginnings he developed in conjunction with the city-state to become the paramount national god of Rome. Initially taking control of the sky and earth's surface, he grew to become the all powerful arbiter and judge, intervening in all aspects of human and divine life. The Olympic plain near Mt. Olympus was once the site of a magnificent temple dedicated in 460 BC to Zeus, father of the gods. Here he presided over his sacred Olympic Games. The colossus made from ivory and gold was sculpted by Phidias, the greatest of Greek artists who also decorated the Parthenon. The 40 foot tall statue was later moved to Constantinople in the fourth century AD where authors of antiquity ranked it as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was later destroyed by fire in 462 AD. Jupiter fathered many other gods and semi-divine heroes. The friction this caused between him and his wife Juno (Hera) can be seen as the interplay of friction between the older chthonic mother-goddess and newer Indo-European sky god. 8 1/4" resin statue antique, stone color finish.

Pensive Pan
Ancient Greek God of the Wild Woods. He was the goat-hooved and lusty king of the Arcadian forest, the original Horned One. His Neolithic cult was later absorbed into the ecstatic wine-rituals of Dionysian Greece. This seated representation shows the god in his prankster or "puckish" mode, horned, ithyphallic and seated upon a rock. The first tragedy (in Greek-tragoidos meaning "goat song") told the sacred story of his death and resurrection. Pan is the quintessential woodland god, demonized by the Church to diminish his powerful influence upon rural folk across Europe. 9" resin statue, green verdigris color finish.

Vintage Postcard ca. Early 1900's. Very Scarce.
Nymph Abducted by Faune (Wildlife - Pan) Close inspection of the postcard shows the cloven hoofs and legs of wildlife with the body and head of man. At his side is his pan-pipes. By French Artist Cabanel ca. 1860. Undivided back. Unused. Herbs and Heirlooms Inc. is not on the postcard, just the photo of the postcard.

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