Ken's Creations
Moss Agate Pyramid
Power Necklace
Herbs and Heirlooms Original
Crafted by Ken

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Ken's Creations
Rose Quartz Pyramid
Power Necklace
Herbs and HeirloomsOriginal
Crafted by Ken

Gemstone Pyramids

Pyramids function as one of the most powerful amplifying forms or shapes in nature.

Herbs and Heirlooms has the largest selection of crystals and gemstones in stock in the Wabash Valley.

Tumbled Stones, Crystal Beads, Pyramids, Spheres, Eggs, Single and Double Terminated Points, Hearts, Book Ends,
Pendants, Rings, Necklaces, Cathedrals, Wands, Fossils and much more.

This is a sampling of the gemstone pyramids Herbs and Heirlooms stocks everyday.

1 inch - 25.4mm
Amethyst Pyramid
w. 30mm / h. 20mm
Black Obsidian Pyramid
w. 32mm / h. 29mm
Crystal Quartz Pyramid
w. 32mm / h. 30mm

Snowflake Obsidian PyramidW. 29mm / h. 38mm
Chevron Amethyst Pyramid
w. 31mm / h. 30mm
Sunstone Pyramid
w. 26mm / h. 17mm
Smoky Quartz Pyramid
w. 35mm / h. 22mm

Shungite Pyramid
w. 30mm / h. 18mm
Rose Quartz Pyramid
w. 27mm / h. 26mm
Aquamarine Pyramid
w. 31mm / h. 27mm
Labradorite Pyramid
w. 28mm / h. 22mm

Amazonite Pyramid
w. 26mm / h. 16mm
Arabic Pyramid
w. 29mm / h. 22mm
Blue Aventurine Pyramid
w. 30mm / h. 23mm
Fluorite Pyramid
w. 27mm / h. 23mm
Lapis Lazuli Pyramid
w. 26mm / h. 19mm
Tiger Eye Pyramid
w. 26mm / h. 22mm
Red Jasper Pyramid
w. 29mm / h. 17mm
Aventurine Pyramid
w. 29mm / h. 19mm
Iolite Pyramid
w. 27mm / h. 24mm
Peach Aventurine Pyramid
w. 28mm / h. 23mm
Golden Quartz Pyramid
w. 28mm / h. 22mm
Black Onyx Pyramid
w. 35mm / h. 32mm
Tourmanilated Quartz Pyramid
w. 53mm / h. 31mm

Agatized Fossil Coral Pyramid
w. 64mm / h. 70mm

Brown Agate Pyramid
w. 59mm / h. 42mm

Brown Black Agate Pyramid
w. 73mm / h. 55mm
Selenite Pyramid
w. 46mm / h. 44mm

Purple Agate Pyramid
w. 73mm / h. 52mm
Blue Agate Pyramid
w. 77mm / h. 53mm

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