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What our customers are saying about Herbs & Heirlooms and Homebrew too!

I've been frequenting this shop for around three years now, and every time I visit there is something new to delight my eyes and my spirit. Whether I'm seeking herbs, cosmetics, incense, oils, teas, Tarot, books, stones, ornaments, altar tools, or home brewing ingredients, I can nearly always find it at Herbs and Heirlooms. They deal in second hand books too, so sometimes a real bargain can be found, or a real treasure uncovered. What's more, the people that run the shop are so knowledgeable, and give of their time and information freely and generously. This shop is a definite asset to Terre Haute, and one that I am very grateful to have found.

At this place, you can find whatever you need for natural remedies. My wife comes up with some off the wall things to try sometimes, and we can always get it here. In fact, if you can't find it in stock, the woman who runs the place can probably make it for you if you give her some notice. There are also lots of little trinkets and baubles for sale. It's a great place to find unusual gifts that you're certainly not going to find at the mall! It's a bit out of the way but it's easy to get to from 3rd St. It's in a residential neighborhood, though, and parking can be a challenge. Terre Haute is lucky to have a place like this!          Scott S.

So this is my local homebrew shop in good old terre haute indiana. The first time i went in there I was shocked to see that this was not only a homebrew shop. They had just about every little knick knack you can imagine in there. Tucked away in the back is the homebrew section, mixed in with the herbs and junk. The equipment selection was pretty standard and had a lot of choices. The ingredients was a little sub par but they had all the basics to get you going. maybe 20 types of extracts, 10ish yeast strains and a bunch of add in herbs. The best part about this place is the service. The folks that own it brew their own beer, go figure, and answer every question i had and were very informative. so for all you terre haute homebrewers check out this place.

This is a wonderful family owned and run shop that I have visited for over 20 years now. In the past have attended classes they had on natural healing with the use of herbs as opposed to grabbing a perscription. Extremely helpful are Anita, a retired RN and her husband that is very familiar with herbs & his own interests are brewing beer & wines. Which can be done with use of garden plants also. They carry dried herbs & anything you need to do it yourself from your own garden. Crystals, some antiques, used books, essential oils, soaps, & much more that appeal to yyour bodies natural senses. Back to the basics of to taste, to smell, to feel, to hear, ect. A more positve, natural you and quality with reasonable prices you might put the money into any hobby yet this has purpose. Both partners are very well informed and happy to explain or recommend , all you do is tell them what youthink you might like or ailment you are experiencing and they guide with informed hand. Hat's off to Herbs & Heirlooms, I appreciate all the time you have given me over the years and friendly chat in a very quaint shop. Though my name too is Anita I have no relationship with the store other than to truely enjoy all that they have to offer for many years. If you haven't visited in long while I can say they were quick at expansion and expanded variety they now have, you just have to come back!          Anita C.

Such a fun store. Great, high-quality items and really professional owners. It's easy to spend a couple hours in there just checking everything out!          Anna R.