Tea tempers the spirit and harmonizes the mind;
dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue,
awakens thought and prevents drowsiness.

Lu Yu "the Sage of Tea"
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Serving The Wabash Valley From
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Green, Oolong and White Tea

Teabags are oxygen bleached, not chlorine treated.

Loose teas and teabags are not irradiated.

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With Rhyme About Tea Leaf
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Green Teas
Green Tea Restaurant Blend
A wonderful blend of green, oolong and black tea with jasmine, orange peel and natural flavor - an Oriental restaurant favorite. Enjoy hot or iced anytime - day or night.
2 oz. Loose $3.95 20 Teabags $4.95
Assam Organic Green Tea
Assam is named after the notheast region in India from which it originates. It produces a rich, full-bodied tea that is particularly popular as a breakfast tea, but it may be enjoyed throught the day for its many health benefits.
20 Teabags $5.95
2 oz. Loose Tea $6.95
Bancha Green Tea (Japan)
Bancha tea leaves are picked after the new season and tend to be coarser in texture. This coarseness gives the tea its unique character and results in a tea with less caffeine and tannins. This produces a milder tasting tea. Bancha tea is refreshing, slightly sweet with green notes.
1 oz. Loose Tea $5.95
Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea
This steamed green tea, rich in antioxidants, is blended with fire-roasted and popped brown rice. The tea produces a light brownish-yellow liquor that has a toasty, almost nutty aspect with a hint of sweetness that rounds out the green tea flavor-sometimes called "popcorn tea."
1.5 oz. Loose Tea $5.95
Green Tea with Ginseng
Contains all the antioxidant, weight loss and health benefits of green tea with red panax ginseng root for extra energy.
20 Teabags $4.95
Green Tea (China)
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea is believed to help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, prevent cavities, reduce stress and regulate ageing.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $3.95
Green Tea With Lemon
Contains all the antioxidant and health benefits of green tea with a touch of lemon for flavor. Contains green tea, lemon peel, lemongrass and natural lemon flavor.
2 oz. Loose $3.95 or 20 Teabags $4.95
Green Tea with Orange
Contains all the antioxidant and health benefits of green tea with a touch of orange zest for flavor. Contains green tea leaves, orange peel, marigold petals and natural orange flavor.
2 oz. Loose $3.95
Gunpowder Green Tea
A dark green tea with a distinctive nutty, smoky taste with all of the antioxidant and health benefits of green tea.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $5.95
Jasmine Green Tea
Jasmine petals blended with partially fermented green tea leaves. Adds a sweet and soothing fragrance to the antioxidant benefits of green tea.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $3.95
Nilgiri Korakudah Estate Green Tea (Organic) India
This green tea with semi-rolled leaves is grown high in the Blue Mountains of India where the air is clear and clean. The tea brews a brillant lime-green cup of tea with a fresk musk aroma and a slight citrus flavor. Has the antioxidant and disease fighting properties of green tea.
2 oz. Loose $5.95
Oolong Green Tea
A fragrant, light and mellow tea with all the antioxidant and health benefits green tea is known for. Oolong Teas are partially oxidized and fall somewhere between black and green in terms of strength and caffeine content. It is said to stimulate the metabolism which helps to burn more calories which may be a help to dieter's. It is also known to help in the fight against aging skin.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $5.95
Sencha Green Tea
This rolled leaf tea has a light greenish-yellow tint with a good balance of flavor between astringency and sweetness. It is a high quality tea with all of the antioxidant benefits and disease fighting properties of green tea.
1.5 oz. Loose $7.95 or 16 Teabags $6.95
Young Hysson Green Tea
A fragrant, light and mellow tea with all the antioxidant and health benefits green tea is known for.
2 oz. Loose $4.95 or 20 Teabags $3.95

White Tea
White Tea
White tea is made from the gently dried, delicate buds and younger tea leaves. The name "white tea" comes from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, which gives the plant a white appearance. As the name suggests, white tea is a clear brew with a slight golden tinge. It has a mild, delicious taste.
1 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $6.95

Black Tea and Black Tea Blends
Assam Breakfast Tea
A golden tipped black tea with less astringency and a smooth taste that goes well with milk and sugar.
20 Teabags $3.95
Ceylon Supreme Tea
Flowery fragrance and intense flavor. Bright color, one of the world's finest and most challenging teas to harvest. The flavor of Ceylon Supreme is full and smooth - with a remarkable depth enhanced by its moderate acidity - this tea may be enjoyed black, or with a splash of milk for extra richness.
2 oz. Loose $3.95
Chai Black Tea
An aromatic and stimulating black spice tea that tastes delicious as a mid afternoon pickup or as an aid to digestion after a meal. Ingredients: C/O black tea, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $5.95
China Black Tea
Black tea is a completely oxidized (fermented) tea. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than the less oxidized teas.Tastes thick and robust. Tea drinkers appreciate Chinese Black tea as a beverage with various purifying qualities. It is believed that regular consumption of Chinese Black tea can reduce risk of stroke.
2 oz. Loose $2.95 or 20 Teabags $3.95
Cinnamon Spice Tea
Start your day with this spice black tea that will give you a boost and has the blood sugar and cholesterol lowering benefits of cinnamon; also contains cloves which are said to encourage creativity and mental focus and have antioxidant properties. Also contains orange peel.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $4.95
Darjeeling Tea
Darjeeling tea is considered the "champagne" of teas. It is generally considerd a lighter afternoon tea. It yields a thin-bodied, light-colored liquor with a floral aroma, a tinge of astringent tannic characteristics, and a musky spiciness often referred to by tea connoisseurs as "muscatel." A sweet cooling aftertaste is felt in your mouth.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $5.95
Earl Grey Tea
A refreshing, favorite English tea made with the original China black tea leaves and flavored with natural Bergamot oil (extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange.) Drinking a cup will brighten your mood any time of the day.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $5.95
English Breakfast Tea
This full-bodied and robust black tea blend has traditionally been served with a hearty English breakfast and goes well with milk and sugar. It can also be enjoyed throughout the day as a tasteful pick-me-up.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $4.95
Irish Breakfast Tea
Irish Breakfast tea is a full-bodied, brisk, malty, very typical Irish brew. It is a blend of several black teas: mostly Assam teas. Its dark, potent character is sometimes compared to Irish stout beer.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $3.95
Lapsang Sonchong Tea
This superior tea has a long, open leaf with a smooth, smoky flavor due to being smoked over a wood fire during processing.
2 oz. Loose $4.95
Lychee Tea
Lychee Black Tea is a fermented tea, selected from the finest young tea leaves. When combined with lychee blossoms, this elegant tea takes on a naturally sweet, faintly plum-like flavor.
2 oz. Loose $3.95
Nilgiri Organic Black Tea
Nilgiri is a dark, intensely aromatic, fragrant and flavorful tea grown and hand-picked on the Korakundah Estate in the mountains of the Nilgiri region of Southern India. This is a brisk tea that is never cloudy, making it a great tea, hot or iced.
2 oz. Loose $4.95
Orange Spice Tea
A flavorful orange pekoe with orange peel, rose hips, cinnamon, ginger coriander, rosemary and star anise. Warms you from the inside out.
2 oz. Loose or 20 Teabags $3.95
Summer Fruit Tea
Fruit teas are black teas flavored with a natural essence of fruit. Our tea uses the fruits of summer flavorings as pieces of fruit in the tea do not seem to contribute much to the flavor and they reduce the total amount of black tea in the tea bag. Makes the perfect glass of refreshing and flavorful iced tea on a hot summer afternoon. Also a great afternoon pick-me-up.
20 Teabags $4.95
Toucha "Pu-erh" Tea
This tea has an earthy flavor that produces a deep, rich colored brew. It is reported to have extra health benefits including research done on lowering cholesterol, diabetes, blood circulation, eyesight, boosting metabolism and weight loss. It is often referred to as the "wonder tonic" or "medicinal tea".
20 Teabags $5.95
Winter Solstice Tea
This tea is delicious anytime of the day, especially on a cold winter's day when you need a "body and soul" pick-me-up; a wonderfully aromatic blend of black tea and herbs with just the right touch of spiciness.
Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, peppermint, orange peel, red rose bud and petals and star anise.
2 oz. Loose $4.95

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