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Vintage Package
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German Postcard of a Beer Stein with a Fraulein Dancing on a Beer Barrel Holding 6 Steins of Beer.

Beer Making Ingredient Kits, Malt Extracts, Grains, Sugar, Yeast and Hops

Inside of Vintage Matchbook Cover From
Moore's Cafe 12th & Poplar St. Terre Haute, IN
Vintage Postcard
"May you never be without the price of a pint."

Brewer's Best Ingredient Kits

Our private brand of all malt kits are designed for the beginner yet challenging enough for the intermediate brewer. All recipes confirm to AHA Style Guidelines and include all the ingredients with proven recipes to produce prize winning beers.

Special Order Items
2 Beer Kit Minimum Order.

  Makes 5 gallons, approx 2 cases of beer.

Dry Malt Extract
Most are available in 1 lb. and 3 lb. Bags
Extra Light - great for all beer styles. Adds extra body and richness. Especially useful when brewing American Style Beers and Light Lagers.

Light - great for all beer styles. Adds extra body and richness. Especially useful when brewing lighter beers such as lagers and pilsners.

Amber - rich malt flavour, ideal for bitters. Boosts the beers' natural body and results in a more rounded, mellow note to the final brew.

Dark - a superb addition to any Stout, Porter or Brown Ale. Dark Spraymalt will improve the body, adding extra rich malt flavour and natural colour.
Wheat - great for all traditional wheat beer styles. Adds extra body and richness and aids in head retention in normal beer styles.
Dry Malt Choices

Brewing & Priming Sugar

Corn Sugar is the most commonly used sugar in beer making. Refined from corn, it is aka as dextrose. Corn sugar lightens the body and flavor of beer and increases the alcohol content.
Sizes Available
Priming Sugar 5 oz.
The addition of corn sugar at bottling time gives beer the fizz (carbonation) it needs. Each package is sufficent for 5 gallons of beer.
Bulk Corn Sugar
Packaged in 1lb. and 4lb. quantities.

Packaged in One Pound Quantities        $2.95

Sale Price $1.95 each
In stock items only - while supplies last

Belgian Aromatic Malt
Used in brown ales.
Flavor contributions: strong malt.
17 - 24 Lovibond

Belgian Biscuit Malt
Imparts biscuit flavor and increased body.
Flavor contributions: warm bread, biscuit.
18 - 27 Lovibond

Brown Malt
Intense caramel & biscuit aroma.
Round body & color, improved head retention.
80 Lovibond

Black Malt
Flavor contributions: Coffee, intense bitter, dry.
470 - 560 Lovibond

Carapils Malt 2 Row
No flavor or color contribution.
1.3 Lovibond

Crystal/Caramel Malt 10L
Gives a sweet, mild caramel flavor and a golden color.
Flavor contributions: candylike sweetness, mild caramel.
10 Lovibond

Crystal/Caramel Malt 20L
Gives a sweet, mild caramel flavor with a golden color.
Flavor contributions: candylike sweetness, mild caramel.
20 Lovibond

Crystal/Caramel Malt 40L
Gives a sweet, medium caramel flavor & a light red color.
Flavor contributions: sweet, caramel, toffee.
40 Lovibond

Crystal/Caramel Malt 60L
Gives a sweet, medium caramel flavor and a deep golden to red color.
Flavor contributions: sweet, pronounced caramel.
60 Lovibond

Gives a sweet, smooth pronounced caramel flavor & a red to deep red color.
Flavor contributions: pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar, raisiny.
80 Lovibond

Crystal/Caramel Malt 90L
Gives a pronounced caramel flavor tending towards sharp and a red to deep red color.
Flavor contributions: pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar, raisiny, prunes.
90 Lovibond

Crystal/Caramel Malt 120L
Gives a pronounced to sharp caramel flavor and a deep red color.
Flavor contributions: pronounced caramel, burnt sugar, raisiny, prunes.
120 Lovibond

Chocolate Malt
Used in all types of beer to adjust color, and depending on amount used will impart chocolate notes to flavor.
Flavor contributions: rich, roasted coffee, dry.
340 - 450 Lovibond

Special Roast "B" Malt
Provides a deep golden to brown color for ales.
Flavor contributions: toasty, biscuity, sourdough, tangy.
50 Lovibond

Honey Malt
Doesn't compare to any other malt with its honey-like taste and residual sweetness.
Best used in brown ales, porters, and stouts.
Flavor contributions: honey-like, sweet.
15 - 20 Lovibond

Melany Malt
Similar to Munich malt with more intense aroma.
Flavor contributions: Bread scent & taste.
30 Lovibond

Munich Malt
Small amounts added to the mash-in grist will improve the malty flavor.
Flavor contributions: robust malty.
10 Lovibond

Red Wheat Malt
Creamy, sweet, malty.
2.3 Lovibond

Non-Malted Roasted Barley
Provides a sweet, grainy, coffee-like flavor and a red to deep brown color.
Flavor contributions: coffee, intense bitter, dry.
300 Lovibond

Smoked Malt
Produced using cherry wood and a proprietary smoking process.
Flavor contributions: smooth, sweet, smoky.
5 Lovibond

Sour Malt
Acidified with lactobacilli.
For PH-reduction of the mash.
5 Lovibond

Victory Malt
Provides a deep golden to brown color. Excellent for Nut Brown Ales.
Flavor contributions: toasty, biscuity, baking bread, nutty.
25 Lovibond

Vienna Malt
The increased malty flavor balances nicely with higher-hopped, higher color and fuller bodied beers.
Flavor contributions: malty, very slight biscuit.
2 - 4 Lovibond

Wheat Malt
Used in the production of Weizenbier and Weiss Bier. Also used in small amounts to improve head retention.
Flavor contributions: creamy, sweet, malty, wheat, floury.
1.95 - 2.75 Lovibond

CaraCrystal Wheat Malt
Contributes body (mouthfeel), foam, foam retention and extended beer stability
while contributing color and a caramel flavor.
Flavor contributions: malty, bready, subtle caramel/toffee.
45 Lovibond
Grain Choices

   Flaked Rice

Rice flakes are pregelatinized, which enables the brewer to produce an unlimited variety of beer styles without using a cereal cooker.
$1.00 per pound.
Flaked Rice
     Provides more fermentables without increasing body and flavor.

   Brewing Yeast
Each yeast packet will ferment up to a 6 gallon batch of beer.
Danstar Nottingham Ale         (11 grams)
A highly flocculent (beer clears readily) and relatively full attenuation  (transforming most of the sugar into alcohol) yeast. It is neutral for an ale yeast, allowing the full natural flavor of malt to develop. Good tolerance to low fermentation temperatures, (as low as 57°F), allow this strain to brew lager-style beer.
Fermentis Brewers Yeast
11.5 Grams
English ale yeast for the production of a large range of ales. Fast fermentation. Sedimentation: high. Final gravity: medium. Temperature range: 15°C - 24°C (59°F - 75°F).
American ale yeast producing well balanced beers with a very clear crisp end palate. Sedimentation: medium. Final gravity: low to medium. Temperature range: 15°C - 24°C (59°F - 75°F).
Yeast Choices

Pelletized Hops
Packaged in One Ounce Quantities        $2.95 each

Sale Price $1.95 each
In stock items only - while supplies last

Hop Choices

Hops are packaged in a light resistant, nitrogen flushed N2 HopPack™ to minimize oxidation and are stored under refrigeration.
A. A. U. listed below are approximate.
A. A. U. varies with each batch and will be stated on each package.
Cascade (USA) 6.3% A.A.U.

Derived from a cross between Fuggles and the Russian hop Serebrianker. Good for flavor and aroma, but an acceptable bittering hop. Ales and Lagers.`
Centennial (USA) 9.5% A.A.U.

Selected from a cross between Brewer's Gold and a selected USDA male. Medium intensity aroma with floral and citrus tones. Very balanced hop, used for all U.S. Ale styles, including U.S. Wheat beer.
Challenger (UK) 5.1 to 6.3% A.A.U.
Chinook (USA) 11.4% A.A.U.

A cross between Petham Golding and USDA Select Male with a mild to medium heavy spicy, distinct piney aroma. Strong bittering ability. Used for all American lagers and ales.
Citra (USA) 12.1% A.A.U.

A new, moderately-high acid cross between Hallertau Mittelfreuh, U.S. Tettnanger, Bavarian, Brewers Gold and E.K. Golding. Very fruity. Used in Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA and strong American and Belgian ales.
Cluster (USA 7.9% A.A.U.

Excellent general purpose hop with medium and well-balanced bittering potential and no undesirable aroma properties. Good for dark beers. Used for bittering light and dark lagers. Good flavor.
Fuggle (USA) 4.5% A.A.U.

Traditional aroma hop, appeared in 1875 England. Also known overseas as Styrian Golding. Used for finishing, dry hopping. English Ales, especially Pale Ales, Porters and Stouts.
Glacier (USA) 5.3% A.A.U.
Hallertau (Germany) 3.9% A.A.U.

Traditionally a superior German aroma hop. Excellent flavor. Mild to semi-strong aroma, versatile bittering and finishing. Used for Wheats, Altbiers, Pilsners, Belgian Ales, American and German Lagers.
Helga (Australia) 5.6% A.A.U.
Hersbrucker (Germany) 3.3% A.A.U.
Kent Golding (UK) 7.2% A.A.U.

Traditional Old English hop. Developed by clonal selection from 1790 on starting from Canterbury Whitebine. Classic English ale hop used for kettle hopping and dry hopping. All English Style Ales, ESB Bitters.
Liberty (USA) 4.3% A.A.U.
Magnum (USA) 12.6% A.A.U.
Mt. Hood (USA) 5.2% A.A.U.

Aroma variety with similarities to the German Hallertau and Hersbrucker varieties, released in the US in 1989. Used for aroma and flavor, American and German Ales/Lagers.
Northern Brewer (Germany/USA) 9.2% A.A.U.

A true dual-purpose hop containing moderate amounts of alpha acids combined with an acceptable aroma profile. Good for bittering with strong flavors and very fragrant. Steam Beers, Dark English Ales, and German Lagers
Nugget (USA) 13.5 to 13.7%% A.A.U.
Perle (Germany) 7.5 70 7.8% A.A.U.
Polaris (Germany) 18.1% A.A.U.
Saaz (Czech) 3.4% A.A.U.

Classical noble aroma hop with long and strong traditions. Associated with the renowned Pilsener Lager. Used for finishing. Bohemian-style Beers, Continental Lagers, Wheats, Pilsner Lagers.
Simcoe (USA) 12.2% A.A.U.

A dual-purpose, unique American hybrid. Although it is primarily a bittering hop, it has a clean, pine-like aroma and flavoring with a slight hint of citrus. It is less astringent than other pine-like hops and has been highly sought after to make distinctive and unique Pale Ales.
Spalt Select (Germany) 2% A.A.U.
Sterling (USA) 6% A.A.U.
Syrian Goldings (Slovenia) 3.4% A.A.U.
Tettnang (Germany/USA) 4.7% A.A.U.

Commercially grown in the U.S. since the 1980's. Similar to Fuggle. A very popular hop with the craft-brewery industry. Used for Lagers, U.S. Ales, Pilsners, U.S. Wheats and Bitters.
Tradition (Germany) 5.3% A.A.U.
Warrior (USA) 15.8% A.A.U.
Willamette (USA) 4.1% A.A.U.

A quality aroma hop with a smooth soft flavor. Can be used for ales and lagers. Used for finishing, dry hopping. American and British Ales.

Vintage Postcard of Foley Hall at St. Mary of the Woods College.

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