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Speciality Herbs & Spices For Beer Making

There's nothing quite like fresh, high quality spices, herbs and fruits to enhance the specific flavor profiles of a good specialty beer.

Allspice Powder - Approx. 1.9 oz. $4.50
Allspice can be found in a wide variety of craft brewed beers including Belgian and Holiday Ales.
Bitter Orange Peel - 1 oz. $1.95
Bitter Orange Peel is used commercially by domestic brewers to duplicate the beer styles that put Belgium on the brewing map. While not very bitter, they are a key ingredient in Belgian style white beers.
Cardamom Seed - Approx. 2.3 oz. $11.50
Cardamom is a distinctive spice from the same family as ginger. Its flavor, which has been described as a "spicy cola", combines well with coriander, cumin and orange, and often all are used together in specialty Belgian and Holiday Style beer.
Roasted Chicory Root - 2 oz. $2.95
Craft brewers use roasted chicory to add flavor to their stouts and other styles brewed with coffee and roasted malts.
Cinnamon Sticks - Approx. 1.6 oz. $3.00
Known principally as a flavoring for savory dishes in Asia and Africa and for its use in pastries and beverages, cinnamon has also found its way into recipes for spicy holiday ales and ciders, sodas, coffees and teas.
Coriander Seed - Approx. 1.1 oz. $2.50
Ancient Egyptian and Sanskrit texts document the use of coriander for more than 3,000 years. Coriander is now widely used in specialty and Belgian style beers.
Ginger Root - 2 oz. $3.95
Used in ginger ale and ginger beer.
Heather Tips - 1 oz. $3.95
It is both the flowers and the greenery of this wonderful herb which impart a pleasing aroma and smooth bitterness to beers. It is especially appropriate for a Scotch ale known as Fraoch.
Indian Sarsaparilla - 2 oz. $3.95
Refreshing sarsaparilla is made from a root beer type base to which has been added several of many roots and herbs. The sarsaparilla herb was originally added to beverages to help improve mouthfeel and head retention.
Juniper Berries - Approx. 1.5 oz. $3.50
Usually known as the principal flavoring in gin, it is also used to flavor beer and other beverages.
Lemon Peel - 1 oz. $1.95
Adds a lemon/citrus flavor and aroma. Great for Summer ales and wheat beers.
Lime Peel - 1 oz. $3.95
Commonly found in Wheat and Belgian style beers where if used properly, can give an intense citrus taste and aroma.
Licorce Root - 2 oz. $4.95
Do not confuse the flavor of licorice with that of anise, which is not related and is quite different when tasted side by side. The root imparts a very characteristic flavor and is surprisingly sweet.
Mugwort - 1 oz. $4.95
As the name implies, it was traditionally used in mugs of beer before the popularity of hops.
Paradise Seeds - 2 grams $1.95
While it does have a peppery zing, it also has notes of citrus and an "earthy" pine aroma.
Rose Hips Seedless - 2 oz. $3.95
Used in wines, teas, specialty beer and confections, rose hips are a versatile fruit/herb. Rich in vitamin C, the rose hip shells with the seeds removed are the best type to use to avoid undesirable tannins.
Star Anise - Approx. 0.75 oz. $2.50
Used in specialty Belgian and holiday style beers, star anise has a flavor similar to licorice, yet is dramatically different when tasted side by side.
Sweet Gale - 2 grams $1.95
It has been used as a substitute for hops in Yorkshire in a beer named appropriately "Gale Beer". This is relatively unknown herb is well suited for holiday beers.
Sweet Orange Peel - Approx. 1.3 oz. $2.50
If you're familiar with the taste of Cointreau or Grand Marnier, then you will be thrilled with the flavor that sweet orange peel can add to your Belgian style strong ales and special holiday brews.
Vanilla Beans - 1 oz. Approx. 8 or 9 Vanilla Beans - 10.95
Vanilla has been most commonly used in Porters, Stouts and other dark rich beers.
Sweet Woodruff - 1 oz. $2.95
The distinctive scent of fresh-cut hay and vanilla gives an exhilarating flavor to wines, punches and beer. Woodruff is considered by the FDA to be safe for use in alcoholic beverages but caution is advised for other internal uses.

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